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These tranquil waters, designated as part of the local Greenbelt and Conservation area, are home to a variety of local flora and fauna.

Veselka is very fortunate to have three bypass ponds fed by tributaries linking to Black Creek, downstream from Acton. These tranquil waters are designated as part of the Greenbelt and Conservation area. Enjoy the local flora and fauna including Canada geese, blue heron, ducks, turtles, fish, muskrats and mink who call these Ponds home. The Ponds are maintained by the marsh and creek beds' stable mixture of grasses, reeds and shrubs.  


Within a few yards of the Ponds, are a collection of wood carvings representing animals you are likely to find at Veselka. They include a fox, a family of owls in a tree, a rabbit, a jumping frog and a blue heron standing on a turtle.  


Together with other non-profit organizations, Veselka is developing structured educational programs for inner-city youths around ecology, the environment and fishing.  


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