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The Main Hall & Kitchen has the capacity to entertain up to 250 guests as either a formal dining venue, conference and presentation centre or dance hall.

The Main Hall was newly built in 2014 with matching Trillium grants. This 4,700 square foot facility has the capacity to seat 250 guests and is ideal for use as a dining, presentation or dance hall. We have long bench-style tables for campers and large round tables for more formal events. The Main Hall is equipped with built-in audio/visual support for playing movies, streaming sporting events or for giving presentations.


The Kitchen is equipped with professional grade equipment, including a walk-in cooler and deep freeze, ovens, burners, stovetops, grill, and an automated dishwasher. We also have plates and cutlery available to serve 200+ guests.

The building is fully heated throughout the year and equipped with men’s and women’s washroom facilities. The Main Hall & Kitchen makes an ideal space for hosting a variety of indoor activities all year round.

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