Surrounded by a forest of mature trees, the Cabins provide a peaceful and secluded outdoor setting away from the city.

Veselka has 10 Cabins, each housing 20-25 campers, with single wooden-framed beds and fitted mattresses. The Cabins can be found in three different areas throughout the property, each bordered by small forests and mature trees which provide for a peaceful and secluded outdoor setting away from the city. The front porches offer a clear view of open fields and grass — a true sense of space not found in an urban setting. You’ll have plenty of room to run and play!


Four of the Cabins are grouped together and hidden amongst the trees on the western side of the property. On the northeastern side of the property, there are three more Cabins in the forest facing east and another three Cabins in the forest facing west directly across a field. There are shared washroom facilities located on the grounds close to all of the Cabins.

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