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Veselka is a host facility for many styles of summer camping and can be rented for private groups, corporate team-building or family reunions.

Veselka is a host facility for many styles of summer camping, from Ukrainian Canadian scouting to sports camps to cultural and recreational camps. Veselka can be rented for private groups, corporate team building or family reunions. Feel free to contact us regarding your programming needs.

Veselka has traditionally been the summer camp destination for many children since the ’60s. Veselka typically hosts 2-3 week camps in leadership, sports, recreation, arts, dance, drama. With 10 cabins located throughout Veselka grounds, up to 200 children can spend an exciting, rewarding and fun time away from home during the summer months.  


Children spend their days outdoors, competing in the Sports Fields, enjoying the Swimming Pool, playing in the Playground. They learn about the local flora and fauna (ecologically protected Ponds) and become more invested in their outdoor environment. The evenings are full of stories around the campfire at the Bonfire Pit, roasting marshmallows, singing and dancing. The Main Hall & Kitchen has professionally graded appliances and equipment to serve 250 guests over the summer months.


Children return year after year, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, learn new skills and learn about their environment and nurture new-found friendships which last a lifetime.


Please contact us for more information on how we can make your next Camp a success.

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