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Veselka has been hosting summer overnight and day camp programs for children and teenagers since 1954.

Today, we are a year-round facility dedicated to promoting the highest standards for campers with a particular focus on outdoor activities. Situated on a beautiful 96-acre property featuring forests, fields and wetlands to deliver a variety of programs for children as well as a great location for gatherings.


Since inception, Veselka has been utilized predominantly as an overnight summer camp for the education and benefit of members of the Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA). The Ukrainian summer camp program offers all the traditional experiences of residential camp with an additional focus on fitness and play, arts and crafts, self-esteem building and food literacy, resulting in the development of positive life-long friendships and memories. Veselka provides a safe place to learn and play, as well as a nurturing group environment that teaches teamwork, mutual respect, friendship and camaraderie.


The Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA), is an international voluntary, non-profit youth organization with branches across Canada. The membership is comprised primarily of youth between the ages of 5 and 18 although there is a role for individuals of all ages interested in furthering the objectives of the Association.


The Association encourages Ukrainian Canadian children and youth to discover their Ukrainian heritage by promoting Ukrainian language traditions and cultural activities. The multi-faceted program includes weekly membership meetings, excursions and trips, athletic programs, summer and winter camps. These activities all emphasize the development of Christian ethics, good character and leadership skills. Since 1954, nearly 50,000 children and youth have experienced the joys of camp!


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