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Veselka sits on a beautiful 96-acre property featuring forests, fields and wetlands, and is equipped with a wide range of different facilities.
Main Hall & Kitchen


The Main Hall & Kitchen has the capacity to entertain up to 250 guests as either a formal dining venue, conference and presentation centre or dance hall.

Sports Fields


The Sports Fields can be used for competitive or friendly tournaments, including soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball and track and field events.



Celebrate a wedding or religious retreat in an open-air cedar roof Chapel nestled in a mature pine forest.

Ropes Course


Challenge yourself on a professionally graded low Ropes Course, either as a personal goal or as a team-building experience.

Administration & Infirmary


The Administration & Infirmary can act as your planning centre and point of contact between campers, parents and event organizers.



Surrounded by a forest of mature trees, the Cabins provide a peaceful and secluded outdoor setting away from the city.

Swimming Pool


Take a break from the Ontario summer heat with a splash in Veselka’s own Olympic-size Swimming Pool.

Bonfire Pit


No camping experience would be complete without a traditional bonfire.

Arts & Crafts


Express your creativity in the great outdoors, using the Arts & Crafts centre to store your equipment or as a gallery in which to display your work.



These tranquil waters, designated as part of the local Greenbelt and Conservation area, are home to a variety of local flora and fauna.

Cabana & BBQ


Centrally located, the Cabana & BBQ offer a casual outdoor space in which to eat and drink, accommodating up to 150 guests.



A great place for young kids to run around, play on the swings and hang out on the monkey bars.

Outdoor Stage


The Outdoor Stage is an ideal space for open-air concerts, performances, dancing, music and arts festivals under the stars.

Farm House


The first building to welcome you to Veselka can also be used for winterized overnight accommodation.

Parking Lots


Located among a forest of mature pine trees, two large Parking Lots provide shade, privacy, comfort and plenty of room for all.

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